There are ?s and ?s of living in a capital ?..

..Today I've faced the latter while heading home: beggars

In general I ? helping people in any kind of need. However I hate to be someone taken advantage of.?

Anyway yesterday a ? came to me while I have been waiting for the ? asking for ? because he had been robbed⚔️..

Over the years I've seen all kinds of attempts and grown a hard face against such requests but every time I've turned someone ⬇️ I felt ? about it.

This ? he specifically asked for money to buy food and I just had enough change for a slice of ?. I previously tought that would be my lunch the next day but the better part of me made me giving it to him.

He made a frowning face and walked away (guess it wasnt enoguh of an amount for him)...

I was still waiting for my ? to arrive so I followed the ? with my ?s if he is actually going to get that ? after all. Well of course he didn't, just walked up to others further accross the square.

I hate these kinds of parasites as they harden people who probably won't help the next poor soul they meet next.

I know its just one more of the infinite number of examples for crying wolf too many times but it still wrecked my mood for.. ..for a short while.

I hope I'm still going to help out the next guy coming to me for help..