RaspBerry PI

I tried to play with the original Transport Tycoon back in the 90's on a 286 machine. Well it required a better video card than what I had so it didn't happen :(. I was stuck with Rome, Prince of Persia, UGH, Prehistorik and the likes :).
As of writing this it's a really nice experience to see these oldschool games actually had colours. Back then we had a grayscale CRT so I've never realized that.

So back on track with the PI and OpenTTD:
First I've grabbed the source code for the stable version from the official homepage:
You can choose if you would like to run the stable or the testing version of the game. Or if you like to live dangerously you can even try building a bleeding edge version (I'd advise you against it..). As long as you have the very same version running on the server (PI) and on the clients: you are good to go.

  • Then you need to install the build dependencies as instructed in their wiki page
  • Finally compile the game.
  • And waited ..a lot..
  • ..and I really mean.. a lot..
  • real 90m35.763s
  • user 87m14.690s
  • sys 1m42.660s
  • After that you just need to configure the game and start it
  • Start a local client and connect to the network game..